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Resolution and recommendation of lakes state Intercommunity’s Conflict;

Resolution and recommendation of lakes state Inter-community Conflict; 

 1 Identify and Brainstorming sources of conflict: 

• Local leadership including chiefs, elders and cattle keepers. 

• Intellectuals and politicians

 • Neighboring communities about their peace progress and communities governing laws 

 2 Reconciliation

 • Amongst communities 

• Amongst politicians

 • Amongst intellectuals

 • Calling peace conference for the whole state 

 3 Peace Conference.
Ask the communities to come up with solutions and way to handle conflict amongst the communities for peace to exist permanently and to heal the old wounds that they have inflicted to themselves. 

• Identifying the warring clans and sub clans and form a special committee to find the root causes of the conflict that lead to this revenge killings; too much human lives lost.

 • If a crime is committed by individuals then he or she must face the charges alone without generalizing the entire clan as people who backslide from peace but will be tackled as personal case and it will be presented to the court for judgment and punishment.

 • Let the leaders take the message of peace to grassroots and to those who might have not to attend the peace conference.

 • Yearly of such peace conferences should be done for five year consecutively to follow up the peace conference and review on resolutions and recommendation. Review will be done on peace document if something went wrong and concerned court will determine the outcomes and give appropriate punishment to the suspects.

 • The govt should introduce tough laws governing the resolutions and recommendation and existing laws and order in the state. 

 4 The govt should strengthen state, counties, payam and bomas policing. There should be recruitment from loitering youth, in the communities to avoid and reduce lack of employment. Every county, payam and boma should have a well-coordinated police society with headquarters in each of the place to handle the communities’ issues and safety of everyone.

 5 Community Policing, the gov’t can introduce a system that can turn those youth carrying guns in payam or boma into legal polices, these youth lives amongst the community which is permanent place for them but feels threatened by other tribe which can attacks them any time due to revenge killing or old rivalries between, hence it will be wise for the Gov’t to train them well with proper guidelines and station them into their communities to work with grassroots people. Since the national police and army is engage into other important field such as tackling rebellions, town security and border security, it is therefore good to use them as a way of solving the internal issues. When you gives someone a duty and responsibilities and accountabilities then you neutralize they threat they oppose before to others.

 6 If the Gov’t can’t afford to pay for them salary then let it be voluntary but with allowance such as food and other incentives they can use to support their families and to makes them have passion for their jobs.

 7 The Gov’t can be wise to use the cattle keeper too. Every cattle camp has a leader and he is responsible for everyone in that camp. He makes, lot of decisions on where and when should they migrate next to other camp site depending on seasons of the year. He has a say into conflicts and even when to attack some camps. This is an opportunity to be used to empower them and gives them some advantage like 3-ways Radios to connect them to the chief and authorities in the counties. The commissioners have control on these camps and mostly answer to him directly. He or she can strengthen that relationship by giving him access and assign him even some few SPLA securities that can be base in every cattle camp for security proposes. The organized force will handle insecurity facing the cattle keepers. At least a team of 5 soldiers with helps of authorize youth which are selected by the Camp leader to be responsible with security of the camp and everything in it. The gov’t can gives the leaders to choose between 20 to 30 youths that can be trained to defend from outside attacks. Their main duty is in self-defense and not to attack in revenge or retaliation of any and, anyone found misusing the property of the gov’t must be brought to justice.

8 Local chiefs and elders Empowerment.

When we empower these people then we have fewer problems because they know better any of us in urban areas. Most of the problems start at their ends and they rely heavily on the state power which has every power to make anything possible but mostly end in vain without solutions which lead into unstoppable rivalries amongst our communities. Local traditional laws must be reviewed and correct in case their outdated laws that can lead to conflict between families or communities.

 9 Abolish of Compensation by culprit. The govt must take the responsibilities of the situation. All capital Murder cases must be handled by County courts or state Courts to solve the cases. Nobody should be spared from the law and order because nobody is above the law.

The problem of revenge killings start all here if not handles well. When someone is murdered in our community, the culprit is apprehended and the court orders him or her to pay 51 cattle to compensate the deceased. Imagine even the whole amount is not paid by that individual alone but the whole sub clan contributes which means he or she only pays almost quarter or less sometimes, after few days or weeks or months after the completion the compensation is finished then you see him/her loitering in the same community again, What do you expects? Someone still feels the pain of losing his/her love one special if he or she was the one keeping the family financially or socially, the revenge killing is next and the same cycle goes around. Some people take revenge on someone they feel much suit their deceased relative in term of merits mostly, by killing the relative of that former murder. If a chief is killed then they kill their chief too and vice verse.

This process of justice must be stopped for once and for all because it is finishing our people. The Govt must come with ways of handling this problem critically. First they can get all the answer from the peace conference that should be conducted, through local chiefs and civilian asking better way of handling this problem. The better way is life imprisonment or death penalty if our constitution allows it. The Govt should also use of that opportunity to discipline the prisoners; they can farm for the nation, build roads and railways. In case someone who got less prison term will never think of committing the same mistake again, transforming them into better people in the society.

The govt now can come back on what to do the family of the victims in form of better compensation. Even in West like in Australia the family can be compensate by the gov’t for their love one. 

 10 Ban of hate, incitement or War songs.  Since I was young in the cattle, all the songs we used to sing involve how tough we are and how we manage to defeat other tribes. Some songs are created during wrestling times for those who defeat their opponents. All these songs create problem mostly during wrestling match where youth butcher themselves with spears, sticks and even Fire arms sometimes.

Some even create song to intimidate their neighbors about their powerful politicians creating tensions amongst politicians and intellectuals.
The gov’t must create laws to guide this problem and holds anyone responsible and make it a crime to create such a song. Such songs which incite the already violate society must be banned. 

 11 Accountability
Those found responsible about this way must be brought to justice whether you are a General in the army or officers, or Minister, Governor, politician, intellectuals or anyone.

The law and order must be respect and obey at the same time. 

 With times the writer will highlight some resolutions and recommendation about our nation since it is our future that is at stack here and I have duty to have a say.

 “Role of the Government is to monitor and implement things that have agreed and pass upon” 

 The Writer is concern Citizen of Lakes State and can be reached on chepmakur@yahoo.com

Causes of Cattle Raiding in South Sudan 

Cattle raiding has contribute to increase in South Sudan for centuries now. 

What are the causes of this cattle raiding.

1. Cattle as the way of nomadic society and only source of wealth

2. Marriage has contribute to problems. In dinka tribe specially Bor and lakes state people commonly gives their daughter in exchange of hundreds of cattle. 

  • Dowries has increase to maximum compare to what it used to be , so let to only families that are rich in cattle to get what they wants and get any girl of their taste leaving behind the poorest no choice but find alternative of lower class girl from the same area or different areas. Some can easily go and raids nearby tribe to get the cattle easily, this lead to increase and cause of cattle raiding in our society. 
  • Lack of employment amongst youths to find alternative of affording to buy cattle. Only rich people in juba or Rumbek who have jobs can afford to buy hundred of cattle with cash te same day to pay as dowries to the parent of the girl.

3. Revenge killing . This also makes some youth to go and raid communites who have problems with them as way of revenging the dead or cattle . 

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